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 Persona RP Rules

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PostSubject: Persona RP Rules   Persona RP Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 2:07 am


Everyone who want to join at Persona Type-RP, must registered their character first at Academy and wait till Roleplay Staff (Me and Vellent) approved it. Dun worry, we'll going easy Wink Before you making your character, make sure ya read this rules first kay? The Rules is not hard just a little complicated xD *is shot by everyone* Ah, I almost forgot. Read the
Prologue before ya make it k?

Anyway *ahem* Let me start listing all the Rules that you need to follow Smile

- Make your character first! -
To make your character, please fill the Character's Sheet below.

Character's Sheet
"Random quote here" (Your character's quote, like "I love candy the most" or blah blah, etc.)
"Random pic" (This is optional, you can put your character pic. You can ignored this if ya want)

Name: (your character's name)
Age: (Character's age is up to you. You can make a character with age 8 Wink like Amada Ken)
School Grade: (Which grade are you? Elementary School? Junior High? Senior High?)
Weapon: (Character's weapon. See Weapon Guide for more details)

Persona: (Character's Main Power! Create your own Persona by seeing "how to make a Persona" guide first)

Character's Personality: What his/her personality? Quiet? Hot-blooded?

Character's Bio: (Write how the character can have his/her Persona!)

Done making your character yet? Very Happy Don't be shy to ask whenever ya don't understand anything. I promise we'll kind Wink

- God Character -

Refrain from making God Character. For this one, we'll gonna serious. Don't make your character is too godly or we'll not approved it. We're gonna harsh if ya not following this one >Sad
Example of God Character:
In the middle of night, a man called Junpei standing in the front of Tartarus. When he stepped inside, a big Shadow suddenly appear right before him and attacked him. The Shadow start attacked him and send him flying. After he landed in the ground with bleeding everywhere in his body and his arms is broken, He still can stand. He pull his body together and smiles while saying "Heh, this is nothing for me".

FTW, amazing. How did ya not feel hurt when bleeding and your arms broke? This is the example of Godmodding/ God character. It means your character can't dies even many many peoples stab in the hearts. Again, please refrain from making like above.

- God Persona -
Usually, even ya'all not making your character is godly but ya'all usually making your Persona is too godly. Again, do not making something too godly! ya all still have weakness and so the Persona.
Example of God Persona:
Arisato was running from bunch of Shadows that chased him in Tartarus. He keep running and running. Suddenly, a voice came out nowhere in his heads. Arisato stopped running and turn his body back, face the Shadows. He take out his gun and shot his head to summon his Persona, Orpheus. When being summoned, Orpheus start to play his harp and kill all Shadow within one seconds.

TOO GODLY. What kind of Persona can kill bunch of Shadows in one seconds? Refrain from making like example above.

- Character can't die -

Yeah right. You can't kill anyone Character without permission from them. See the example below.
(A member with character's name Arisato)
(Another member with character's name Akihiko)
(The one who make this paragraph below is the member with character's name Arisato and the another member with character's name Akihiko is offline and currently not participate in RP)
When Akihiko realized, he already in the middle nowhere. The only person who stand in front of him is Arisato. Without saying anything, Arisato suddenly pull his Sword and stab Akihiko's body. Akihiko suddenly fell in the floor with blood in his body. He start to closed his eyes while saying "Arisato...goodbye..."

You can't kill other character without permission from the member who control that character unless the one who died is NPC you control. I'm sure Vellent already explained about this in RP's main Rules.

- Where did you live? -
Choose a place to be your home or for stay! You can stay in dormitory like Arisato did or ya can stay in your relatives house like Souji did. If you deciding to stay in relatives house/or your own house, make sure to control the NPCs inside the house. If you deciding to stay in Dorm, ya don't have to control the characters since usually, there's another members who stay in Dorm too.

- Ready yet? -
If ya already done making your character, please create a Topic explained about your character. We're as Roleplay Staff will see it and post our comments about it or maybe we'll approved it Very Happy

btw, this Rules created by Me, Miko-chan and Sphilia-nee. Thanks to them who already worked hard to help me making this thing xD

If there's anything ya don't understand, feel free to post your question here.

Persona RP Rules Shujinkou_Banner
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Persona RP Rules
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