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PostSubject: PERSONA 3 RP - PROLOGUE -   PERSONA 3 RP - PROLOGUE - I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 3:02 am


note: there's wont any Characters like Arisato or Souji in here. This is Pararrel World of Persona series. Who's exist in here? Of course it's us! No story in here related to any Persona Series. This is just fictional.

- Prologue -

5 Years after The Incident (Arisato cs incident), Port Island back to stable state. Peoples were enjoying their normal lifes like always. Peace has been restored? The Answer is "No", said by Yuuto. His life already like a hell and it become more hell after he found Tartarus existence and awakened his Persona. A new S.E.E.S already reformed with the new Chairman, Shinji Towahara and Yuuto as it's only member. Mr.Towahara is one of Shinji Ikutsuki's student when he sitting at College. That's why he believes that Persona and Shadow is exist. Yuuto himself, never told his friends about this Persona thing and he enjoyed his life like everything never happened.

One day, a Full Moon raises in the skies and showed it's "beautiful" glow in the middle of Dark Hour. When Mr.Towahara detect a shadow outside the Tartarus, he dispatch Yuuto to destroyed it at once. With preparations, Yuuto takes his Evoker and go outside. When he searching the Shadow, he met with Mikoto who's his childhood friends is attacked by the Shadow that he searched. One minute before the Shadow's attack reached Mikoto's body, Yuuto pushed her and receive the damage instant of her. Feel hurt, Yuuto lying in the ground and his evoker was thrown far from him. Seeing her important person lying in the ground and bleeding, Mikoto become shocked. Her's feet can't move and it's frozen. When the Shadow start to walking to where Yuuto is, Mikoto suddenly take Yuuto's Evoker (which near her feet) and shot herself.

"Lend me your power...Sei..."

A Persona suddenly appeared above Mikoto and throwed her Naginata to destroy the Shadow. Of course, Yuuto the one who seeing that, feeling happy and sad or you can said mixed. After that, Mikoto moved to the Dormitory and joining S.E.E.S with Yuuto...

Does they live happily in Dorm as S.E.E.S? We're don't know yet! It's up to you all to help us making the stories!

PERSONA 3 RP - PROLOGUE - Shujinkou_Banner
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