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 Persona 4 - Guide to get the True Ending

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Persona 4 - Guide to get the True Ending Empty
PostSubject: Persona 4 - Guide to get the True Ending   Persona 4 - Guide to get the True Ending I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 11:25 pm

This guide to get Persona 4 True Ending. I have free time, so I posted it on here. If ya don't want use this, don't worry. I juts post this since I had free time.

Steps to get the True Ending

-- First Step --

At 3th December, you will confrot Namedame/Namatame and you'll give many choices. Be careful when choosing it since it will determine your ending. Yosuke will ask you series questions, which is:

A. Yousuke: What would you do [MC name]?
--> Pick the third option <Wait a moment>

B. Yousuke: What are you saying?
--> Pick the first option <There are still things we don't understand>

C. Yousuke: We don't know? What are you saying?
--> Pick the third option <The motive of Namedame>

D. Yousuke: At this point, and you're not sure?!
--> Pick the second option <Something seem to be hampered with>

E. Yousuke: [MC name], could you tell us the reason behind that?!
--> Pick the third option <We might have misunderstood something>

F. Yousuke: So are you going to do it or not do it! Just tell me which one you're deciding!
--> Pick the second option <Calm down, dammit!>

-- Second Step --

At 5th December, Naoto will ask you to figured who's the real murders. The list of choice that she gave you:

(First List) (Second List) (Third List) (Fourth List)
Hanamura Yousuke Tatsumi Kanji Murdered Victims Name of the friends on your
Satonaka Chie Kujikawa Rise <next> Commu list.
Amagi Yukiko Shirogane Naoto
Kuma Doujima Ryoutarou
<next> Doujima Nanako
Adachi Tohru
Namatame Taro

If you wrong answer it three times, you'll get the bad ending.

The true criminal is: Adachi Tohru

-- Last Step --

At March, after you control the MC back, you can either just back home and see the Normal Ending. If you want get the True Ending, at least you must have one Commu is at Maximum Level. Go and find all those Commu that you already maxed.

Chariot Commu: Shopping District South
Lovers Commu: Shopping Distrct South
Tower Commu: Shooping District South
Priestess Commu: Go to Bus Stop at Sopping District South and choose go to "Amagi Inn"
Devil Commu: Go to Bus Stop at Shopping District South and choose go to "Hospital"
Temperance Commu: Go to Bus Stop and choose go to "Day Care"
Hermit Commu: Go to Shrine at Shopping District North
Emperor Commu: Shopping District North
Hanged Man Commu: Shopping District North
Justice and Hierophant Commu: Outside of Doujima's House.Speak to Ryoutarou and pick the second option
Magician and Star Commu: Go to Food Court in Junes
Death Commu: Go to Samegawa Flood Plain and go to Riverbank
Moon Commu: First Floor on Yasogami High School
Fortune Commu: First Floor on Learning Corridor Yasogami High School
Sun Commu --> Music: Go to Music Club
--> Drama: Go to Drama Club

After you see all events with Commu that you already maxed, you'll n choice. Pick the second option to not go home. Go to Food Court in Junes. When you examine the Lift, you'll given choice again. Pick the second option to not go home (again). Use the lift and pick the first option <I still have unfinishing matters>. After the event, go to Samegawa Flood Plain and go to the Riverbank. Talk to Ryoutarou and Nanako in there. After this, go to Shopping District South and speak to Gas Station Part-time worker in there and answer what he says (it doesn't matter what you choose). After all of it's done, he will reveal himself. You gained access to Final Dungeon, Yomotsu Hirasaka. Completed it and you'll get the True Ending.

Guide created by me

Persona 4 - Guide to get the True Ending Sieghart_Banner
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Persona 4 - Guide to get the True Ending
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