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 "Make A Persona" Guide

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PostSubject: "Make A Persona" Guide   "Make A Persona" Guide I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 2:20 am

You only can allowed create one Persona. Want your Persona is metamorphosis? You can do it in later certain event. I will make more detalied about that later.


Even ya don't have weapon but at least you must have Persona! (I salute you if you doesn't have both Persona and weapon xD) One thing before you'll make the Persona: DON'T MAKE IT TOO GODLY xD If you done make your Persona, please give Arcana to them (Example: I created jiraiya which Magician Arcana) See the Arcana List for detailed information. There's seven kind of Persona-user, which is:

1. Fire Persona-user

A Persona which usually immune against Fire and Strength against Electricity BUT really weak when it comes to Ice. If the persona-user strike by Ice then you should say goodbye on it since the user will be daze off a minute, knockdown and need a time to stand again and the most cruel is dead -_- So, if you want to become Fire Persona-user, be careful when you battle against Ice Persona-user.

2. Ice Persona-user

If Fire Persona-user is weak on Ice, this is reverse from it. Ice Persona-user usually immune against Ice and VERY WEAK against Fire. This is the reserve version of Fire Persona-user.

3. Wind Persona-user

Wind Persona user is control Wind element and usually(and maybe) have Recovery Magic. Many peoples said that Wind Persona-user is the weakest but I said: Don't Judge the Book from it's cover. Wait until you see the full-potential of Wind Persona-user Very Happy The only weakness from this Persona is weakness against Electricity.

4. Electricity Persona-user

The reverse version of Wind Persona-user Very Happy If Electricity Persona-user get hit by Wind, then I must say K.O xD

5. Dark Persona-user

wow, I love this one Very Happy *is shot by everyone* Dark Persona-user usually absorb Dark but it will get instant death when hit by Light xD

6. Light Persona-user

Light Persona-user usually absorb Light and dead when hit by Dark. Simple xD I wont explained more since I predict you guys already know more than me lol Neutral

7. Non Elemental Persona-user

As you can see, it is really RARE to found this type of Persona-user >.> So don't make characters with too many of this type <.< The user who use this Persona usually balanced on everything. Doesn't have weakness and strength xD

Well, the weakness and strength of each type Persona I listed above is just example. You can add more Strength/Weakness to your Persona if you want (But it doesn't mean you can add all Strength and it doesn't have any weakness). Example:

I created Fire Persona. My Persona is strength against Fire but it also strength against Slash Wink My Persona weak against Ice and Pierce.

See the example? Add any skills to your Persona based on their type. Like Agi, Maragi or Agilao to Fire Persona. See
Persona's Skills Guide for more details how did you get Skills for your Persona. O yeah, don't forget to add your Persona's Appearance too xD

Got a question? Post what did you confused here

"Make A Persona" Guide Shujinkou_Banner
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"Make A Persona" Guide
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